Success Stories

"This journey has really shown me how far I can go. The program is amazing. Just being able to talk about and discuss all the deeper issues I am having in relation to my health and to be able to look at the bigger picture has been transforming for me. In the beginning, I started out just wanting more energy, and it has evolved into so much more. I have more energy, clearer skin, and I now know how to listen to what my body is telling me and really listen to my inner self. Courtney has been very relatable and easy to talk to. It has been incredible to see the changes I have made and I am very grateful to Courtney for that."

/// Taylor Moody

"This was a very personal experience for me and was able to communicate with Courtney on a whole other level. It was nice to be able to talk about different struggles I was having, and to have someone listen to me and provide good informative feedback. Courtney gave me tiny bits of information at a time that kept me going and kept me coming back each week. It was very positive, creative, organized and focused on lifestyle change and not just a quick fix. I was given tools to use that were very helpful, and the sessions always worked for my schedule. Courtney created a complete experience that I have never had before. The experience helped me to challenge myself for transformation. It wasn't the information that created the transformation, but it was the whole experience and the accountability that Courtney held for me to help me to imitate the transformation for myself."

/// Victoria Wood

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